Little MASE – It’s Our Life In This Lyrics Feat Lynne Lazo

[Verse 1: Little MASE]
I grew up a fucking screw up
Knew nothing of the game nowadays I’m knowing to much
I do stuff my crews tough together got like two bucks
And 50 something cents in change we’re needing new luck

I sometimes wonder if we’ll get it or not
And if we do win the hand what will be left in the pot
Don’t know what’s set in the plot cause it ain’t close to the end
No swords as mighty as this pen so with my weapon i jot

Poetry and death threats following where vets step
Most my boys got Big Mouths we use to rep sets
In the Lo if your foe then your best bet
Is not to try to battle when you see us but to just jet

Yeah and watch us rock the stage
Then order shots of Ciroc we use to block the rage
And the pain from the rain we’ve been enduring like soldiers
This is way beyond music it’s in our veins son I told ya

[Hook: Lynne Lazo]
It’s our life in this
Cursed despite the gift
Worth the fight cause it’s
It’s our life in this

And in the end this is the road we chose
Some hopeless souls some trying write the dopest flows
From broken homes was born to fight I hope ya know that
It’s our life in this

[Verse 2: Little MASE]
We live it and we write it then we put it on tracks
Put our families plus our homies and the hood on our backs
It’s all love well except when it isn’t
Cause the industry is shady and some devilish business

But I try to stay away from it keeping what I say legit
Not concerned with fame and shit but respect want to gain a bit
Insane how many major writtens made by me I’ve saved to spit
When it comes to hip hop it ain’t something that I’m playing with

This is what I do and I don’t mean just rhyme dude
I make music for me but see music is the grind too
Skills i learnt in time grew till I got them fine tuned
Now I’m getting Cream off the dream I subscribed to

Yeah but most MC’s don’t have the same luck
Their Ill but to pay bills in J O B’s they remain stuck
Living after shift cause conditions in the game suck
But ask them bout this culture or their vision and they’ll say what


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