Lil Yachty x 21 Savage – GUAP Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]

Better duck from the shells
Break her back just like kale, you niggas gon’ tell
After 11, I jump to a teen cause I do not fuck with 12
I do not get at you niggas and bitches
Leave his ass with stitches if he touch my digits
Pull up to the scene, all you hear is crickets
Body went ghost when he saw we wit it
I’m richer now, make a phone call and’ll get you now
Like down with the same family
Cause all these new niggas be switch arounds
It’s Lil Boat, fresher than Scope, gold on my throat
I pledge an oath to stay on my toes, to stay down with my bros
I keep a round, anythin’ my nigga want he can get it (lil boat)
Cause if I call up my nigga, bet that he let you get it, loyalty
King of the Teens and royalty
Just saw your new gill, look like foil, B
Young nigga rich, fuckin’ up a sack, fuckin’ on your bitch

[Verse 2: 21 Savage]
I get that money and spend it
I’m in a Rari, it’s tinted
I fucked his bitch now he trippin’
Bitch man ain’t in it, I’m in it
I got a way with the women
I got a way with the hoes
I spend my money on money
You spend you money on clothes
I broke my arm in the bowl
And I get 20 a show
I get my diamonds from Italy
I spent a check on that Rolls
I spent the check on her purse
Then I went bought me a vert
I’m scrapin’ the bowl then I skurt
I’m scrapin’ the bowl then I skurt
I’m ridin’ ’round with a stick
Make this muthfucka fishtail
I get surgical with the pump
Nigga call me Denzel, Training Day
I might just hop on the plane today
My jewelry on me, but I’m plain today
Money on me, it might rain today
Give a fuck ’bout what these haters say, bitch I’m gon’ get it
Got a friend with a friend, bitches come wit it
Nut all on her titties, bitches gettin’ freaky

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