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Lately – Jordan Dim
Lyrics, Letra:
Lately everything has changed, lately nothing’s been the same, lately you and me just lay
In the bed that we’ve just made, and it doesn’t feel strange cuz your heartbeat keeps me sane
You feel safe in my arms, if I’m Noah you’re the ark, cuz it’s just the two of us
This is coming from the heart, you can feel it through these bars, you don’t need to touch my scars
Cuz you’ve always been a friend to me and you always want the best for me
Maybe this was never meant to be, meant to be
Cuz you’ve always been a friend for me, and you always want the best for me
And I’ll love you endlessly, endlessly
I know that you feel the same, I hope you will never change, cuz you never cease to amaze
But then I think of all the fights, how you always think you’re right maybe you should change that trait
It’s the little imperfections that truly make you a blessing so I don’t know why you’re stressing
Second guessing every move but as long as you stay true I can never see you lose
Maybe we need to Mufasa keep it Hakunah Matata and we’ll have a happy ever after
But for now let’s keep it simple, always show me your dimple and never be cerebral

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