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For Something To Happen – InMe
Lyrics, Letra:
Moments of joy that make me feel like that small boy did.
Is there something in your eye?
‘Cause your tears they never lie?
Please take your shoes off & don’t tread all over my heart rug.
Is there something distressed in those tears of your eyes?
‘Cause the silence drowns their screams & their cries.
Typical English weather, pull yourself together.
Give me something to break the ice.
Give me something to wake those eyes.
With this here simple mind I can’t find peace of mind.

I’m wishing & I’m praying to her sky.
And I’m waiting for something to happen, for something to happen.
Like it or not, like it or not we gotta give it a shot, give it a shot.
We’re better together, together we’re strong & we’re dreaming beyond, dreaming beyond.

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