FRANK LUCAS es una canción de Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist y Benny the Butcher del año 2020.


‘Frank Lucas’

Might just spill over on you

Okay, I’m trying baby

Nigga, my name is cocaine

Yeah, uh, uh

You niggas snitchin’ gettin’ time shaved

Sold the book on my boost mobile, I boost the crime rate

Tellin’ all my hoes that I love ’em, I’m playin’ mind games

And bitches after your last dollar, they take your last name

I’m married to this shit

I jumped off the porch then I jumped the room

Bunny Rabbit gang, we be robbin’ shit like like the Romper Room

Catch your Uber or lyzift, I sent the rezith

The feds wanna turn the witness, I plead the fizith

Been smokin’ since 13, I fried my brain, so I ain’t never stressin’

I can’t hold no grudges, Michael Thomas, bitch, I’m catchin’ blessings

Police tryna catch me, ain’t gon’ catch me ridin’ without my weapon

Panoramic roof off of on that coupe

I look like George Jetson Space Ghost

Fentanyl, got a gas mask when I make dope

I done seen a lot of OG’s at this table havin’ you taste dope

I just got another case though, call me lawyer, hit him with the pesos

Gotta cook a bird where the J’s stay, got a play play for the yayo

Been thuggin’ since a youngin’, I’m too legit to quit

I keep this bitch in like my kinship, bustin’ shots at the bitch

I had the strap, she took the charge, I took that bitch on the trip

Flew in her friends, jumped on the boat, I fuc*** them both

Shit was lit, shit was lit

Pray my soul keep dead low or lay me down

The SWAT team might machine gun or grenade me down

And if they do tear my people, just hold my babies down

Nigga we need to go back the pages like it’s the ’80s now

Yeah, f*** rap, bitch, I’m poppin’ off of poppy seed

My name cocaine ain’t got put me in the nominees

Since gangsta gears rolled back the bars, I see a lot of me

Niggas is my sons, I wish they mommas would have swallowed these

Nigga, cappin’ ass ni***

Jeezy used to say, “Boy, you one rappin’ ass nigga”

I said I’m shippin’ packs, I don’t need no advance, ni***

Niggas thought I took a loss, but I jumped off

And I got richer, shit is funny when you think about it

Rolex too big, I took a link up out it

Frank Lucas I hit the closet, pulled the mink up out it

Livin’ this life, pu*** dream about it, ni***

Bury me with ratchets, let the feds tell it, apparently a magnum

Gucci hoodie smell like kerosene and ashes

Don’t get carried away, I been up and look how carefully I stack it

Got your advance check buried in the mattress

We the Yankees on the pennant run

You in need of soldiers, heard you rented some

Tellin’ war stories and you ain’t been in none

But look what I converted to from

Lettin’ burners loose out convertibles

My bitch gon’ be the driver for a purse or two

Nah, my finger never gon’ point

You know pu*** best when it’s moist

Got a hammer and a brick from a plug I met in a joint

Miami, Superbowl weekend, I got head in a Royce

We chasin’ cheddar of course, I wouldn’t care if it’s Deutsch

It was either law school or dog food

If I was makin’ y’all moves, we all lose

Make these sucker niggas pay, those was our rules

You gon’ need more guns and lucky horse shoes

I never took an L, but a few loss to mind

New loft downtown and this view was hard to find

Sold lines to abusers, now I’ma abuse y’all with lines

I’m in this black thing, he ain’t just a few cars behind

I bought two of everything, they said, “Dude lost his mind”

Two gold Cubans, like I’m tryin’ too hard to shine

Two whips, one a coupe that’s too small to drive

Two-car garage, two broad massage, yeah

Niggas think I be frontin’

But I just be talkin’ that real shit

I don’t expect anybody to feel it though

‘Cause y’all niggas not like that

(Nobody talk that shit like I talk that shit ni***, let’s go)

With this .9 I got from the district, I’m shoppin’ for Christian

I’m in Vegas drippin’ in jewelry I got from the district

They say hustlin’ like a disease, I’ma die with the symptoms

Put 300 grams on a brick, cut the pie into sixes

The Butcher comin’, nigga