Dissect, Exhume, Devour…1 minutos

Letra y Cancion Dissect, Exhume, Devour…
Early at mourning I go to the morgueI have my breakfast on a dismembered corpseDissecting its organs whistling as I workBeholding my carnage, I delight on goreI love my profession as mortuary technicianSo funny, macabre and sickI am alone when my workdays endsCorpses are my only friendsCemetery at midnight is my favourite placeDisturbing the quietus I break open the graveDigging up the coffin, grabbin knife and forkSmell the putrefaction… I feast on the rotNocturnal party of greedy necrophagiaCarving out putrid remainsIngesting toxines from rotting exudateI’m addicted to ptomaineExtracting rancid fatsUsed as sauce for raw gutsDecrepit dinner is servedI’m hungry for maggoty fleshFestered offals garnished with gallGastronomic funeralDelicious taste of deadGnawned bones is all that left(repeat 2nd verse)Dissect… Exhume… Devour… Vomit!!!

About the Author: 2019

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