Beyond1 minutos

Letra y Cancion Beyond
Take a piece of life in hand, you know that life is yoursIndulgence, everlasting rage escaping through your poresDay by day it grows so close, intensify the endYou know the day will come, we go beyond the endWhat’s in store, we fear no more, a blaze of ritual fireAccept a form of life unknown by death, I am inspiredHoping for a place of worship to pardon all my sinsThis is where your life will end, beyond beginsBecome at one with death it self and see where it will leadEscaping from domestic, self-inflicted greedHoping for forgiveness, can you take the pain much more?Soon your life will know just what’s in storeCraving life beyond the endTo no avail, put down your blackened veilAssuming that your life was pureImmense disease for which there is no cure

About the Author: 2019

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