Letra y Cancion Atomic Candy
(Carl L. Marsh)plough up a field of money scatter your seedmind over matter? well it matters to me candyriding an ark political sparklecast the first stone you’ll be making a mark indeedthere goes caution to the wind again so get inhitch-hike it to the edge of beyond and get goneat the limit of the evening shadei raise a glass to you candy i think you’ve got it madeif you thing the future liesin tomorrow’s troubled eyesyou’re wrong candy it lies with meatomic candy…turn out all the lights and let me seeatomic candy…incandescent flame of libertyatomic candy…i’ll take one bite out of you if you unwrap mehigh on the stuff of legend scoring the dreamricher for poorer you can pour it all over mecatching a wave imaginary saviourtake the next turn candy there’ll be some days indeedif you feel the future nearhiding paralysed with fearit’s ok candy you’re here with meatomic candyatomic candy ohif you thing the future waitsthrough somebody’s pearly gateshold on candy and wait for me