Now in its third year, Doritos SOLID BLACK is continuing to spotlight Black Changemakers who "Try Another Angle" to create meaningful impact in their communities, now with the launch of its new limited-edition flavor, Doritos Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno.

Created in partnership with Chef Chris Williams of the award-winning restaurant Lucille’s in Houston, Doritos Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno takes every bite to Another Level, starting off with a jalapeno kick and finishing with a tangy pineapple flavor. In addition to creating a renowned restaurant, Chef Williams’ change-making work includes driving a positive impact in his community through his nonprofit Lucille’s 1913. Started during COVID as an homage to his great-grandmother, Lucille’s 1913 is a conscious community collective that provides daily meals to underserved populations in and around Houston. To honor his work, Frito-Lay will make a $50,000 donation to Lucille’s 1913 to support Chef Williams in his commitment to fighting food insecurity in his community. 

"It is such an honor that Doritos has recognized the impact Lucille’s 1913 has had on the Houston community,” said Williams. “I know that my great-grandmother, who was both a trailblazer and changemaker herself, would be proud to see our impact being acknowledged through the Doritos SOLID BLACK program. With this donation, Doritos SOLID BLACK and Frito-Lay will help the Lucille’s 1913 community farming program that works to combat food insecurity and bring more nutritional and fresh foods to underserved populations.”

Through original artwork created by the anonymous art collective Mz. Icar, Doritos Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno’s packaging was inspired by the concept of thriving. “This is the second year that we’ve had the opportunity to share a message through the brand’s SOLID BLACK packaging,” said the Mz. Icar artists. “In this year’s design, we centered the artwork around the concept of thriving, which means to grow, prosper and flourish. We channeled these concepts into this piece and offer it as a hope for the present and future.”

Doritos SOLID BLACK has recognized and amplified more than 25 Black Changemakers in partnership with the PepsiCo Foundation. In February of this year, Doritos SOLID BLACK and the PepsiCo Foundation announced the 2023 class of Black Changemakers made of 16 nonprofit leaders who are each receiving a $50,000 grant, specialized training for nonprofit professionals and one-on-one fundraising coaching as part of the Black Changemakers program. Earlier this summer, Doritos also introduced a new commercial dedicated to amplifying and showcasing the impact of the 2023 Black Changemakers.

“Doritos is a brand that prides itself on fueling the innovation and creativity of consumers – including Black Changemakers like Chef Chris Williams, Mz. Icar and the whole 2023 class – who are uplifting their communities and disrupting the status quo,” said Tina Mahal, senior vice president of brand marketing at Frito-Lay. “Elevating the work and voices of the Black community through the SOLID BLACK program and our new Doritos Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno flavor gives us an opportunity to inspire boldness in others.”

Beginning today, Doritos Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno will be available at stores nationwide and for purchase online through for a limited time. To learn more about Doritos SOLID BLACK, the 2023 Class of Changemakers and to stay updated on how to become part of the next class, fans can visit and follow @doritos on social media.

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